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What you sweat is what you get. That's why personal trainer Marvin Brandon of A.C.T.I.O.N Sport and Fitness is here to push you to your optimum level. Call today about our in-home training sessions!

Training Programs

Action 25 plan overview

Why Join?

If you have been struggling to lose weight and don't know what to do this Action 25 program is for you.

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What you get

  • Workouts and video demonstrations on how to perform each movement.
  • Meal plan for each phase
  • An Action 25 wrist band (Once you sign up, it will be mailed to you)
  • Action 25 T-shirt (After completion)
  • Food journal (Printable pdf)

There are three four week phases to this program. As we all know it is tough adjusting to a new routine and even harder not seeing results. Each phase is geared towards improving your confidence and consistency. Three days of strength training and two days of cardio. Before every workout you will need to stretch and read your affirmation promise to yourself.

Fat burning Fact: Resistance training burns fat

Most people believe that if you want to burn fat, you should do lots of cardio. Well it's time to throw this dated assumption out. Resistance training is the best way to get rid of fat- better than dieting alone or even dieting and doing aerobic exercise. Research shows that people who diet and do aerobic exercise lose 78 percent of their fat; and those who diet, do aerobics, and lift weights burn 97 percent of their fat.

Workout program

Phase 1 Single sets: Only Body weight movements
This phase is geared towards proper form and building a solid foundation.

Phase 2 Super sets: Body weight w/ plyometric movements & Resistance bands.
As we still build on our foundation, we will challenge ourselves and pick up our intensity by incorporating some plyometric movements and resistance bands,

Phase 3 Triple sets: Dumbbells
At this point, we are almost to our goal, and in order to reach our goal we will need to pick things up another notch by adding weighted resistance with dumbbells.

Meal plan

I am not a nutritionist but have found these small changes make a big difference.
Meal plan will be personalized to each individual based on their food journal. 

Phase 1: I will not make you a meal plan. Instead, you will keep a food journal for the first four weeks of phase 1. And will send me everything on Thursday of week 4 at the end of every phase. I am going to ask you eat breakfast every morning when you wake up. Include a vegetable with every meal, and for every sugar craving you have eaten a piece of fruit. Also, after every workout, please make sure you eat protein source and carbohydrate source within 45 mins.

Phase 2: I will create a meal plan based on the information from your food journal and questionnaire you filled out.

Phase 3:  I  will really shock your body to go with the demands of the workout program, and help you keep your energy level high while shredding those pounds.

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